With inspiration as our guide, we imprint each event with our own creative stamp, firmly believing that every occasion should be unique. Drawing from our firsthand experience, we guarantee your day will be flawlessly distinctive, a true reflection of you.

We embrace our detail-oriented approach, often described as perfectionism, but above all, we are intentional in every endeavor. Our actions are purposefully driven, ensuring a thoughtful and meaningful approach.  Our designs represent a fusion of our authentic expertise and carefully curated elements from your love story.

Designed for you with intention & purpose

Lo & Co. is a foundation rooted in passion, and that passion infuses every aspect of what we do. With this intense passion, we promise to deliver an experience that is not just authentic, intentional, joyful, and meaningful, but one that goes beyond your expectations. Collaborating with our tribe of creative visionaries, we pour our hearts into every detail, giving you our utmost commitment—110%—leaving you astonished and proud,

What you get from us...

The Experience

"We absolutely LOVED hiring Lo & Co Event Design for our wedding and I would do it 100x over again.  Our wedding day was more than I ever imagined thanks to Lo & Co - we can't say thank you enough!"

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